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The Secret World of Data Structures and Algorithms

Author: Parth Parikh

This book is not meant to serve as an introduction to algorithms and data structures, nor is there any coherence in the sequence of the chapters. Instead, it is like visiting an adventure park where each ride explores fascinating and lesser-known worlds of algorithms and data structures. I have selected these rides simply because I love them, and I hope that you will find them enjoyable too.

The Secret World of Data Structures and Algorithms
Chapter Description
KHyperLogLog An algorithm based on approximate counting techniques that can estimate certain privacy risks of very large databases using linear runtime and minimal memory.
Odd Sketches A data structure that offers a more precise estimation of Jaccard similarity compared to b-bit minhashing, while also reducing the space complexity significantly compared to standard minhashing techniques.
GADDAG A data structure for efficiently generating moves in Scrabble using a modified directed acyclic word graph.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many chapters are there in this book?


When will the book be complete?

I am hopeful that I will finish writing all the drafts by late-2024. Then, I plan on typesetting the book in LaTeX.

What software do you use to draw the diagrams?


What's the story behind the cover image?

I got this breathtaking picture from Jared Rice, who took this image in Yucatan, Mexico. In one of his image descriptions, he wrote:

The feeling of this place is like a dream, I have never felt like I was transported to a different world quite like this. Walking out onto the edge of this walkway you lose the distraction of the outside world, you are forced to focus on the silence; all you can hear is the soft sounds of water moving over your feet. There are small fish that seemingly circle you. The water is ever bit this teal color and the sun ray illuminates this underground cenote. I can see why the mayans viewed these places as sacred.
This image is licensed under the Unsplash license.